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Daily Busking
구독자 : 667,372명
조회수 : 282,475,675회
2013-08-07 부터 채널을 시작했어요!
Welcome to Daily Busking official channel.
We create original, new K-POP live performance and street live clips with various artists every week.
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* Our specialists provide English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Portuguese translations and captions for most clips.
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Sound Equipment:
AMP/ Roland Cube Street EX(2)
MIC/ SM-58(2)
RECORDER/ SONY PCM D-100(1), ZOOM H6(1), Canon DM E-1(1), SONY ECM XYST1M(1)

FOMEX BL-2280(2)

CAM/ Canon EOS5D MK4(1), SONY A7 III(1)
LENS/ SIGMA A 85mm F1.4(1), SIGMA A 24mm F1.4(1), SIGMA A 12-24mm F4(1), Canon 24-70mm F2.8 L II USM(1), SEL50M28(1)
GIMBAL/ DJI RONIN MX(1) Beholder EC1(1)

HONDA EU10i(1kW)
2019-06-16 667,372명 282,475,675회
2019-06-15 664,079명 281,749,489회
2019-06-14 662,300명 0회
2019-06-13 661,113명 0회
2019-06-12 660,221명 0회
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2019-06-10 659,102명 0회
재생시간 : 9,960초
조회수 : 70,369회
A Boy Playing Bohemian Rhapsody Medley With Street Piano
재생시간 : 12,840초
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When A Boy Plays Spirited Away Near Elementary School
재생시간 : 18,540초
조회수 : 642,304회
옥탑방 부르는데 인형탈 알바 고양이 난입해서 미친 댄스 보여줌
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How Can Korean Traditional Violin Have Only 2 Strings - Arirang Busking Live
재생시간 : 22,440초
조회수 : 216,352회
미친 고음 쏟아내며 부른 윤건(YOONGUN) - 너도 그냥 날 놓아주면 돼(이하평 버…
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