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Koreos UCLA 유튜브 순위

Koreos UCLA
구독자 : 700,448명
조회수 : 89,615,925회
2014-11-14 부터 채널을 시작했어요!
Beginning production in December 2014, Koreos is a UCLA-based K-Pop dance cover team made up of members who each bring their own diverse and unique flavors. Koreos unites these flavorful individuals under one family who, with their passions for K-Pop and dance, create dance covers and compete in cover dance festivals to share their love with fellow K-Pop fans around world ????

Sarah Chi (Co-Director)
Jing Huang (Co-Director)
Susie Shu (Advisor)
Annie Joo (Social Media Specialist)
Dan Lee (Administrative Assistant)
Johnson Chang (Assistant Dance Leader)
Joyce Huang (Internal Relations)
Kevin Jin (Producer)
Kris Espinosa (Artistic Coordinator)
Tanya Nguyen (Administrative Manager)

Double Stuf:
Bobni Das
Cindy Gu
Hans Peschel
Mars Bruce Chen

Mint Creme:
Genesis Jay Mangcucang
Jessica Kwong

Bao Vu
Cynthia Yin
Jason Hong
Kylie Lenox

Anita Wang
Anthony Zhang
Daniel Hsiao
Darren Ramos
Lucy Wang
Kristy Chan
Phuc San
Reika Gong
Shirley Tang
Von Xing
2019-06-16 700,448명 89,615,925회
2019-06-15 700,444명 89,589,453회
2019-06-14 700,513명 0회
2019-06-13 700,513명 0회
2019-06-12 700,515명 0회
2019-06-11 700,503명 0회
2019-06-10 700,513명 0회
재생시간 : 14,100초
조회수 : 37,230회
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[Koreos] (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 - SENORITA 세뇨리따 Dance Cover 댄스커버 (1theK Dance Co…
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[Koreos] Seventeen 세븐틴 - Getting Closer (숨이차) Dance Cover 댄스커버
재생시간 : 12,240초
조회수 : 161,787회
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